Tim Buie

Founder & Director

Tim’s career spans several decades where he has more than ticked off all the boxes:

Set TWO Guinness World Records for non-stop marathon piano playing. Check.
Fulfilled commitment with the United States Army Band with honorable discharge. Check.
Nashville Tennessee studio musician. Check.
Twenty years touring as an international piano bar entertainer based out of Oslo, Norway. Check.
Performed in 40 countries. Check
Performed in venues such as piano bars, cruise ships, nightclubs, concert halls, international television, half times shows, and more. Check.
Founded The Original Piano Entertainers Convention, a New Orleans event for piano entertainers. Check. 
Trained and mentored 300+ players to make a career as professional piano entertainers.  Check.

Tim Buie is the quintessential piano entertainer.

Our Network of Entertainers

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Tammy Tanner

Tim Georgeff

Brad Heron

Tom Basler

Joe Boogie

Bill Connors

Joe Jarka

Gray Gregson

Adam Heart

Johnny Stone

Leon Novembre

Shelley Luther

Dustin Taylor

Phyllis Tilly

Brandon Crawford

Danny McElroy

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